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We salute you (as a Soul)!

Namaste’s literal translation in Sanskrit is “Nama” (to bow), “As” (I), and “Te” (you). Put it all together, and it means “I bow to you,” Bowing forward as you say it, underscores the depth and sincerity behind the term. “When you do this, you’re surrendering your head to your heart, with great respect”

Even though it’s just three short syllables, repeating Namaste is a crucial part of practicing yoga because it helps you take a step back and become more centred and present, which is what yoga is about. “We have such an active lifestyle focused on logic, reason, and problem-solving that it’s helpful to calm down an active mind by getting focused, so you’re not just jumping from thought to thought,”

In India, Namaste is also a greeting. When you use Namaste as a way to say ‘hello’ or ‘goodbye’, you’re making an effort to actively connect to others. Sure, part of the reason you’re at yoga class might be because the flows and poses help you challenge yourself and reach your fitness goals. Repeating Namaste, however, is a reminder that you and the people on the mats next to yours are all in this class, and this world, together and for a deeper purpose. Saying Namaste and reflecting on its meaning also helps you learn a little about yourself—what your heart wants, what you really feel, and what direction you want to take in life. We’re a society that today is in our heads, rather than coming from our heart. When I teach, I instruct my students to make decisions from their heart and core, which are better known as your gut feeling.

The Vaidya, Mr. Dravin Raghubar, also notes that Namaste can remind you to reflect on your gratitude and look at the bigger picture, in spite of whatever crappy things life might be flinging your way in the moment.

We are a holistic team of Kamadhenu Ayurveda in the Netherlands, engaged in Vedic Health Treatments, Vedic thought within mindset and psychology, Meditation and Yoga practices, Ayurvedic Daily Massages, Ayurvedic Medicine, Ayurvedic Cooking and so on.

We made our job out of our passion. Just click on the icon for more information:

We are manufacturing Ayurvedic Herbal tea, capsules, churna (powder), goli (tablets), soap, shampoo, face pack, facial scrub, Spa Scrub Salt and a lot more.
The famous and beneficial Ayurvedic treatments like: Shirodhara, Abhyangam, PadAbhyangam, Nasyam, Netra Tarpan, Mukhlepam, Cupping are now available in the Netherlands.
The Vedic Psychology, where our soul heals the mind and the body, is a normal holistic treatment for both Mind and Soul. If these two are treated well, the Body automatically heals itself and will have its rejuvenation together with Ayurveda. See the benefits and make an appointment with our expert. It’s never too late to work on your Mental Health in a Vedic way.
We have not only started in the Netherlands, but we have already introduced some of our products and services in other countries. We have gone abroad to Suriname, Slovenia and Curaçao. Read more about our Go-Abroad Movement! We wish to help a lot of people in a Vedic way, Ayurveda, the 5000 years old Science of Life.

If you have a mindset like ours, you can help us to spread this Ayurvedic way of life style and the oldest Health Science of India. We can cure the world together with herbs, prayers, yoga and meditation. The Science of 5000 years ago returns again. Just contact us to join our thoughts if your country is not listed above. Let’s start in a new country together and join us in our mission!

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Vaidya, Priest,
Ayurvedic Doctor,
Vedic Psychologist:
– Mr. K. Ramcharan.
– Mrs. S. Ramcharan.
– Mr. Dravin Raghubar.

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