Ayurvedic Doctor

I am Dravin Raghubar (31),
born on 27-may-1987 in Paramaribo (Suriname),
more known as Guru Dravinvijay in India,
The Netherlands, Curaçao and Suriname.

In 2010 I obtained my Master of Art in
Vedic Astrology in Rajasthan, Jodhpur (India)
within Paranormal Spirituality. I have been
a researcher in Nava Graha (Vedic Astrology)
since 2010 and during my research I became a
Philosopher within the Comparative Religion.
After studying the greatest religions for over eight years,
I’ve got the chance in 2018 to
graduate as TBE (Triple Body Expert)
in the field of Paranormal Sciences
focused on the three
human bodies on four levels.

Within this spirit-body concept we can distinguish
multiple levels of existence to know the physical
energy of the human nature, the emotional,
mental and spiritual level.
In America this is known as:
Body, Mind and Soul.
With my international experience and
a few sacrifices in life, I’ve been promoted in
April 2018 in Chandigarh (India) and now bear
the title of Triple Body Expert.

I am a Third Eye Chakra Expert ever since
or you can also call me a Tratak Master.
Through Tratak I am able to see the
three dimensions of our human body.

I am able to screen the human body for physical,
mental and spiritual weaknesses,
the excess waste in the body, the future physical and
mental diseases, black magic and other curses.
Shortly after my TBE promotion this year,
I was also ready to receive my Vaidya graduation on
May 30, 2018 in Ayurvedic Medicine (and Surgery).

I’ve now gained my first Vaidya (Ayurvedic doctor) status
with many exemptions
for all the subjects that I have studied
earlier within the years since 2011 in the Netherlands.
I have been a medical student in the
Netherlands since 2011
(Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam – Health Science,
Hogeschool Utrecht – Optometric /Orthoptic
/Pharmaceutical Science).
I love to help people with my Holistic approach in
every difficult case. It is not me
who help people, but it is God, the Almighty,
who does that through my hands and brains.
We are weak creatures, made of clay, blood and air.
We do not maintain eternal life on earth.
All visible will be gone if the clock ticks it that way!

As a Vaidya or Ayurvedic Physician, I am registered in India
(New Delhi). From now on I can be anywhere
in the world in my duty as Vaidya or Ayurvedic Doctor
in the Oldest Health Science of 5000 years ago.
It is my pleasure to serve humanity within their Health Issues.
Recently I have been honoured and awarded by the
Red Cross team in the Netherlands. From now on I shall also participate as EHBO
(Emergency Care Provider) for First Aid Care in whole
Europe from 14 july 2018 – 14 july 2020. This is one of my
social plan to serve humanity in Europe.

Thanks to my spiritual teachers, my friends, parents
and doctor colleagues. I have received a special place in
the field of healing and caring. May Almighty God
bless me so that I can fulfil the hippocratic oath.

Abstract about Dravin Raghubar

Who is Dravin Raghubar?
Dravin Raghubar, is an entrepreneur and business expert
for more than ten years.

He is a Vedic and Islamic preacher, a doctor in Alternative
(Indian) Medicine, especially: Ayurveda.
As an Ayurvedic Doctor, Dravin is specialised in the pulse
and third eye diagnosis or observation.

He does not guess, but pin-points forward with
a perfect anamnesis of his patient

through the constitution type (dosha) determination
of every human being. There’s not ONE pil

for the sick one, but every sick person needs a special
care, attention and treatment according to Ayurveda.
Everyone is special, every living soul has a need to fulfil,
but this may be impossible if Ayurveda is missing in his or her life.
Vaidya Dravin Raghubar treats his patients with great
care and attention. After the sick one is cured,
he keeps in touch with them by
e-mail: getintouchgroupnl@gmail.com.

Based on these gifts,
Dravin can provide tailor-made:
treatments, advice, physical-mental-spiritual lessons
how to cure diseases and how to prevent
any disease in the future!

‘I am a special Ayurvedic doctor, where my hands are gifted with God’s grace and my brains are guided by God’s mercy, where my third eye of clear vision is opened by God’s supernatural power and my long life is gifted to give others their happy life (back) which was lost in this Maya (illusion).’ — Dravin Raghubar —

The Spiritual Guru of Dravin (Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India).