Ayurvedic Consult (FREE)

All Ayurvedic consultations are for free for everyone (in all countries), from 1.7.2018 to 1.7.2021. The only thing you need, is a Kamadhenu Ayurveda Family Card. This card is also issued for free. This card gives you the right for free conversations, consultations and (Ayurvedic Health) check-ups at Kamadhenu Ayurveda in the Netherlands. One may give a voluntary donation if possible, which is always welcome in a special donation box at Utrecht, Netherlands. We can use this in case of emergency for the (Ayurvedic) medicines for the poor. According to the Vedic tradition it is not allowed to give a product or service for free, because there has to be an energetic (karmic) interaction, which dissolves the Karmic flow of cause.

You only need to pay for (Ayurvedic) medicines, leaves extracts, root extracts, tea, therapy oils, ghee, treatments, mental- and/or physical therapies. Another way of payment for those who can’t offer much for their health is to work for the Vaidya (Ayurvedic Physician). You can do something else in return for your treatment. Think about grounding paste, filling capsules, filling tea bags together with the Vaidya and so on. We always use social labours, people who think positive about life (of own and others), who wants to learn the basics about Ayurveda (for others benefit)…

Ayurveda is already more than 5000 years old. That is how it worked in the past when there was no money for treatment. Vaidya Dravin Raghubar doesn’t need your money, because money can’t buy health.

The Ayurvedic doctor:
– only needs your support to help a mass of people in their sick days,
– only needs your support to bring people from sickness to cure and help them remain cured,
– only needs the experience and blessings from other Ayurvedic teachers, ancient guru’s and those departed holy souls, who can guide the Vaidya to treat a patient at the best,
– teaches us that money is not everything, life on earth is short, life is to help others.


The intention of the Vaidya Dravin Raghubar in these three social years is to promote Ayurveda among the people in the west and the Caribbean. Ayurveda is an art-of-life that everyone needs to know. Everyone is entitled to know it. It can no longer be kept as a secret. It must be accessible to everyone who’s struggling with health issues.

You can help us >>>  Share the message of Ayurveda

Something very simple: share what you have learned with others. Share the Facebook page or the website of our Kamadhenu Ayurveda. Tell someone else that Ayurveda can be the cure of their ailments. Help in this way to achieve the goal of the Vaidya. The more people you can reach, the more lives you can save (in an early stage) with this ancient medical profession. Think about people who have been departed in early age, who didn’t get the chance to use Curcumma (Haldi) properly against their early stage of Cancer. Think about people who have been passed away, who didn’t had the treatment of Ayurveda to remove toxins from their body, who didn’t had Neem Detox (detox formula of Kamadhenu Ayurveda), which could prevent ageing and death. Ayurveda was there first, Ayurveda will always be there in the first place, because Ayurveda focuses on the prevention, which is better than cure! It is not ONE Pil for all, but ALL have their Pil.

How to book your FREE consult appointment

There are three ways to consult the Ayurvedic doctor:

  1. Physical consultation: you can come and visit the Ayurvedic doctor in the Netherlands. Because the Vaidya has a busy schedule, mostly visited by many people from abroad, it is important to book you consult by text message or Whatsapp: +31.639545410. Availability is limited. A free donation can be given in donation box.
  2. Phone consultation: you can use a phone consult which takes up to 25-30 minutes. Get your appointment by e-mail. In this e-mail you’ll be notified when the Vaidya is available to receive your call. Availability is not limited. Whatsapp call is also possible. In this case a free donation can be transferred by bank or sent by PayPal.
  3. Emergency consultation: you can book an appointment in these countries. When your country is not listed, you can contact us for any enquiries. Your request must be made up to 72 hours in advance by e-mail. If you receive an invitation email, your appointment has been confirmed. Your invitation email is your booking confirmation.

Need to cancel your appointment?
If you cancel between 72 and 24 hours (by contact form or e-mail), you can schedule a follow-up appointment for another day or time by using your e-mail address. If you do not cancel by e-mail up to 24 hours, your e-mail address will be blocked in our e-mail system and all further e-mails will be automatically blocked the next time or it will enter into the SPAM box. Don’t forget to cancel on time!