Ayurveda Teacher Certification Course


Ayurveda Teacher Certification Course

Fee: €800,-

Duration: +/- 4 weeks

50+ Class: 3 days class in a week

Below 50 ages Class: get 2 days in a week.

Title after completion: Ayurvedic Teacher

To join this, you need to have: Certificate of Advanced Ayurvedic Therapist

This is an Ayurvedic Teacher Certification course where a person may be trained in the theoretical aspects of Ayurveda, including the learned techniques within the Advanced Ayurvedic Therapist Course. This course gives a person to know the major topics within Ayurveda. Some administrational classes, working with Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Presentation Techniques and some tools of Psychology will be taught. The teacher degree in Ayurveda gives the student a view of a real holistic dimension. The mind-body-soul concept will be a major subject within the four weeks. Basic Anatomy and Physiology will require most attention within the first two weeks. The teacher must practise a lot according to Charak and a great DinCharya needs to be scheduled from the beginning up to the end of the course.

This is a logbook or agenda which can show the improvement of the upcoming teacher. A diet plan should be made according to the body constitution. This plan has to be followed by the Ayurvedic teacher for 4 weeks. If there are errors in following the diet plan, these can be discussed during the classes. After 3 weeks an evaluation of the learned subjects will be giving a major view of the student who wants to become a teacher. Before you become a teacher, it is better to be a student. Before teaching someone it is better to be involved in the schedule of DinCharya and later on the RituCharya. So, these components will ensure the student to become a great teacher in the basic principles of Ayurveda. Shad-Rasa will be the minor subject which must be completed as an essay. This ends the Ayurvedic Teacher Course of 4 weeks with the Certificate of Ayurveda Teacher.

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