Advanced Ayurvedic Therapist Course


Advanced Ayurvedic Therapist Course

Fee: €200,-

Duration: +/- 4 weeks

50+ Class: 3 days class in a week

Below 50 ages Class: get 2 days in a week.

Title after completion: Ayurvedic Therapist (Advanced)

To join this, you need to have: Certificate of Ayurvedic Therapist

This Advanced course gives the student some extra tools to possess the knowledge within Ayurveda such as Basic to Herbal Medication, Preparing Herbal Capsules, Knowledge of Tastes and After tastes, the RituCharya examples and cases will give the student more confidence to treat patients with the perfect understanding of the basics in Ayurveda. Some marketing aspects will enhance the sales department of any business they wish to start after their Advanced Certificate. Herbology, Toxicology and Marketing are the major subjects within the Advanced course. This advanced course will inspire the student to become an ambassador of Kamadhenu Ayurveda. Having great knowledge of more than 80 herbal capsules will give them a chance to become a supplier of great herbal capsules. Commissions are earned within this business and they will also get a BLUE card of Marketing & Sales. The course fee will be earned back after completion of the course if the student wishes to join the big business within Ayurveda, Vegan and Eco. Great competences are reached after the successful four-weeks-course of the Advanced Ayurvedic Therapist course. A Facebook page or website with some famous herbal capsules will end the course of the Advanced Ayurvedic Therapist. The certificate of Advanced Ayurvedic Therapist is issued after this.

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